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Welcome to the FastStores cloud style shopping cart system. This system is ideal for adding a store to your existing network. Includes common web page functions like feedback forms too, so it can be utilized as a complete website with tabs and all if desired. FastStores is one of the most powerful shopping carts on the web. You can save hundreds of dollars compared to similar web store builders that have less options.

For $20 per month (or $200 per year) you can sell up to 500 products (or DOWNLOADS) with no additional fees per transaction from FastStores (excluding fees charged by your own credit card processing gateway or your PayPal account). Lots of power with an online dashboard. If you have more than 500 items, it's no problem, just add as you go for a few dollars more.

Accept PayPal and Credit Card Payments

PayPal Payments

You can charge your products through the PayPal system without having to write any code. PayPal is an easy and inexpensive method of collecting money through the Internet.

Secure Credit Card Payments

You can collect credit card numbers securely through your website and charge them on your own merchant account (a merchant account is a special type of bank account you use to charge credit cards). You can get a free merchant account through our FastStores partner.

Charge credit cards directly online through Authorize.net gateway (alternate options available for non-US currencies). A gateway bridges your merchant account to the Internet. Note that Authorize.net charges separate fees for their service.


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